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About the GV STRATUS product

The GV STRATUS® Video Production and Content Management System is the next generation of Grass Valley application software, designed for the entertainment, on-air operations, and news markets. GV STRATUS includes a powerful asset management solution and all the tools to help you produce your content from all ingests needs, preparation, editing, review and approval, playout and of course, archiving. GV STRATUS uses a common Service Oriented Architecture, to provide a modular, high performance, and highly configurable user experience and does away with the old concept of separate, individual tools which can be hard to configure, and even harder to use. GV STRATUS is built with modules that are added as services to assemble your workspace into an environment tailored specifically to your needs, in an almost infinite number of combinations. This means you have a virtually unlimited and fully integrated tool-set at your command. GV STRATUS is format and resolution independent. Proxies are generated on the fly for any video coming into the system and are fully available to all the users within seconds.

The GV STRATUS product includes the GV STRATUS Application Framework and the GV STRATUS Core Services. These layers provide you with access to the K2 Infrastructure to support your workflow requirements.

The GV STRATUS Application Framework includes the following:
  • The GV STRATUS application — This is the primary application for using GV STRATUS tools for your media workflow. It is documented in this Topic Library.
  • The GV STRATUS Control Panel application — The GV STRATUS application that provides central configuration of the software components of the GV STRATUS system. It is documented in this Topic Library.
  • The GV Event Viewer — This is the application that displays detailed information about significant events on your GV STRATUS server, which is very useful when troubleshooting problems and errors. It is documented in this Topic Library.

These applications run on standard networked PCs.

The GV STRATUS Core Services include software components that run as services on one or more GV STRATUS Core servers. They are documented in this Topic Library.

The K2 Infrastructure includes the devices and software that make up a K2 Summit system at version 8.0 and higher. Depending on the system necessary to support your workflow requirements, this can include K2 clients, servers, RAID storage devices, and network switches. They are documented in this Topic Library and the "Installing and Servicing the K2 SAN" section of the K2 Topic Library.

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