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Changing Windows Administrator passwords

The Windows Administrator account is typically used for initial setup, configuration, and software deployment on a Grass Valley system.

If the Windows Administrator password changes or you use different account for setup, configuration, and software deployment, you must change credentials that SiteConfig uses for the target devices.

Use topics in this section to avoid errors when changing passwords.

  1. Changing passwords on Windows 7 and Windows Servers. Follow steps in this topic to change Windows Administrator Password on all GV STRATUS Servers and K2 Machines.

  2. Changing SiteConfig credentials. On each device, verify that Windows administrator user account credentials are the same as those that SiteConfig uses to access the device. If you need to create a new account or use another account with administrator privileges, then you must update SiteConfig with the same credentials.

  3. Fully qualified domain configuration. If the system is fully integrated into a domain, you can use a domain account that has local administrator rights. Then you must update SiteConfig with the same domain account credentials.

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