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Changing GV STRATUS Internal System account passwords

GVAdmin is the default account that is used for the GV STRATUS Internal System Account and to connect to other Grass Valley products. The GV STRATUS system uses this account to access assets, database, file share and some other internal functions.

If the GV STRATUS internal system account password changes or you use a different administrator account, you must change credentials used for all GV STRATUS Servers and K2 Machines.

Note: The GVAdmin password does not support the ‘@’ sign as part of the password.

Use topics in this section to avoid errors when changing passwords.

  1. Changing passwords on Windows 7 and Windows Servers. Change GVAdmin password on all GV STRATUS Servers and K2 Machines. To change the password, you need to follow the recommended guidelines for changing Windows account password. Follow steps in this topic to change GV STRATUS Internal System account password on all GV STRATUS Servers and K2 Machines.

  2. Configure SQL Security logins. If your system is running SQL services under the local GVAdmin account, follow steps in this topic to update the GVAdmin credentials using SQL Server Configuration Manager for the SQL Server (MSSQLServer) and SQL Server Agent (MSSQLServer).

  3. Update GVAdmin password in the following configuration if using the GVAdmin account in GV STRATUS Control Panel:

    • Stratus Core Services | Primary Site | Internal system Account
    • Stratus Core Services | Remote Site
    • MDI Configuration | Grass Valley Media Server MDI
    • MDI Configuration | GFTP MDI
    • K2 Storage | Remote K2 Storage
    • Location Config | Locations Configuration
    • Ingest | Channel Setup
    • RMI | Import to K2 Settings
    • TX Scheduler | Channel Setup
    Note: For Remote Push transfers the account that is used gets validated locally. So if you are using the workgroup GVAdmin account for remote push transfers, both systems need to have the same password for this account.

  4. Update these components via SiteConfig to use the new credentials and reinstall these software:



















  5. If you don’t reinstall for the other packages, you need to modify the following on the GV STRATUS servers:

    1. Configure GV STRATUS windows services to log on with the new credentials. From the following list, identify the services running on the server, and configure each of those services to logon with the appropriate credentials.
      • GV STRATUS Conform Engine
      • GV STRATUS Data Mover Engine
      • GV STRATUS MDI Encoder.
      • GV STRATUS MDI Flashnet.
      • GV STRATUS MDI Masstech.
      • GV STRATUS MDI Proxy
      • GV STRATUS MDI Summit
      • GV STRATUS MediaFlow Workflow Engine
      • GV STRATUS Resolver
      • GV STRATUS Rules Wizard
      • GV STRATUS Traffic Gateway
      • GV STRATUS Xcode Control
      • Grass Valley XRE Controller
      • GV Log Manager
    2. Update the StratusAppPool with the correct credentials, as follows:
      1. Open the Windows operating system Server Manager.
      2. In the tree-view navigate to Roles | Web Server (IIS) | Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager | Connections | <server_name> | Application Pools.
      3. For the StratusAppPool, update to use the correct credentials.
      4. For the HttpProxyAppPool, update to use the correct credentials.
    3. On every EDIUS and Render Engine server, use the XRE AdminConsole | Plug-in to update the credentials for every K2 server in the Importer/Exporter | K2 (SAN) | Server list.
    4. On the K2 Media Servers and K2 standalones that are hosting the Stratus Summit Service, update the credentials in the configuration file at: C:\Program Files (x86)\Grass Valley\ STRATUS Summit Service\Atlas.Service.Summit.ServiceHost.exe.config
      For example:
                  <add key="Hostname" value="localhost"/>       
                  <add key="Username" value="GVAdmin"/>     
                  <add key="Password" value="your_password"/>     
                  <add key="Domain"   value=" "/>

    Restart the GV STRATUS Summit Services to put the change into effect. This setting will need to be updated everytime you reinstall the software.

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