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K2 and GV STRATUS security considerations

Access Control Lists (ACLs) specify individual user or group rights to specific system objects such as programs, processes, or files. K2 Summit systems enforce ACLs for security and permissions on K2 bins and channels, while the GV STRATUS system has its own mechanism for security. The GV STRATUS system always accesses the K2 Summit system via the internal system account, which by default is GVAdmin, and the K2 Summit system is configured by default to allow full access to that account. This is an important consideration to allow the systems to operate together. Therefore you must not change the default configuration of security and permissions on your K2 Summit systems that are part of your GV STRATUS system. This includes Windows operating system ACL settings and K2 AppCenter security/permission settings on bins and channels. Changing these settings could prevent the GV STRATUS system from accessing the K2 Summit system. Configure security using GV STRATUS security only. Do not configure K2 Summit security.

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