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GV STRATUS Control Panel system configuration process

All systems require this process. Use GV STRATUS Control Panel to configure the GV STRATUS system for your site's workflow.

Grass Valley recommends the GV STRATUS Control Panel is only configured on the Core server and multiple copies are not opened simultaneously on different machines.

In an operational GV STRATUS system, GV STRATUS servers must be running and logged on to the Windows operating system. The logon account must be the GV STRATUS system internal system account. The internal system account is the account that the GV STRATUS system uses to access assets and some internal system functions. By default this is the GVAdmin account. If the GVAdmin account does not exist, GV STRATUS Control Panel will be unusable.

The GVAdmin account can be disabled or removed when delegate account credentials had been reconfigured after the software install. For the delegate account on an existing system, it is important that the new password must be configured in GV STRATUS Control Panel first, and then changed for the corresponding workgroup or domain user. If not done in this order, GV STRATUS Control Panel will be unusable until the password for the currently configured delegate user is reverted to its previous value, at which point the credentials can be modified in the correct order.

If you received your GV STRATUS system pre-configured from Grass Valley, skip configuration tasks and do the test tasks only.

  1. Configure Control Panel Service Host in applications. All systems require this process. Configure SiteConfig and K2Config to reference the Control Panel Service Host.

  2. Install the GV STRATUS Control Panel application with SiteConfig. All systems require this process.

  3. Configuring GV STRATUS Control Panel: Required settings. All systems, all workflows, require this process. Configure GV STRATUS Database, proxy, K2 Summit, and other settings that the GV STRATUS system requires regardless of the site's unique workflow or system design.

  4. Test GV STRATUS configuration settings. All systems require this process.

  5. Reference to settings: Required and optional. All systems require GV STRATUS Control Panel settings, as appropriate for the site's unique workflow and GV STRATUS licenses.

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