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Arranging control tray buttons

Viewers and players have a control tray that provides access to buttons. As you resize a panel smaller and the buttons do not all fit in the control tray, the buttons overflow onto a drop-down menu. You can configure buttons to show and to overflow as the panel is resized.

  1. To show/hide the control tray, click the Show/Hide Control Tray button.
  2. Click the drop-down arrow on the far right of the control tray.

    The overflow menu displays hidden buttons.
  3. Click Add/Remove. A menu of buttons opens.
  4. Select the buttons to display.
  5. If desired, select Reset Toolbar to return the buttons to their default display.
Your button configuration is saved with your GV STRATUS user preferences and propagated as follows:
  • When you select buttons to display in a Channel Panel, all channels of the same type (player/recorder or recorder-only) and view mode size in that Channel Panel display your selection of buttons. Similarly, all gangs of the same type (containing at least one player/recorder or all recorder-only) display your selection of buttons.
  • When you select buttons to display in a Playlist Editor, any channel in the Playlist Editor displays your selection of buttons.

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