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Configuring User Preferences

  1. Select Edit | User Preferences. The User Preferences dialog box opens. The GV STRATUS application shows or hides sections based on the roles assigned to your GV STRATUS log on credentials.
  2. Select the tab for the panel or component you are configuring and make settings accordingly.
  3. To configure general user preferences, select the General tab.

  4. To configure the Asset Drag Content setting for Drag and Drop workflow in GV STRATUS application, select one from the following:
    • STROB File - This is the default setting, as STROB file is the file format used to drag and drop all assets in the GV STRATUS application.
    • MOS Newsroom Item - All GV STRATUS assets can be dragged and dropped as MOS items into the ENPS application.
    • Legacy Avid DHM Ingest - All GV STRATUS assets can be dragged and dropped into the Avid application.
    Note: Do not change this setting except under supervision of qualified Grass Valley Support personnel. Extensive system configuration is required to achieve a working GV STRATUS system.
  5. To display windows and dialog boxes that you have set to "Do not ask again", click Reset Hidden Windows.

    The Hidden Windows dialog appears to confirm the reset, so click OK.

  6. To configure Job Monitor settings, do the following:
    1. To display detailed transcode jobs in Jobs Monitor, select Display all Transcode Jobs.

      When not selected, only hi-res transcoding and proxy encoding jobs are displayed. When selected, the associated thumbnail, closed caption, and metadata jobs are also displayed.

      By default, this setting is not selected. You must have the Media Manager role to change this setting.

    2. To set the display duration of Transfer to Avid jobs in Jobs Monitor, set the retention time in My Transfers to Avid setting.

      By default, this setting is set to 24 hours.

  7. To configure Localization settings, do the following:
    1. Make sure the GV STRATUS language pack for the language you are configuring is installed on the GV STRATUS client PC. This is required for any GV STRATUS localization.
    2. Select the localization option as follows:
      • To localize the GV STRATUS application with the language currently configured in the Windows operating system, select Same as Windows Display Language.

        The GV STRATUS language pack that corresponds to the Windows display language must be installed.

      • To localize the GV STRATUS application with a language different than that currently configured in the Windows operating system, select Independent of Windows Display Language, then in the Language list select one of the GV STRATUS language packs currently installed. Also configure the Use Right-to-Left Layout check box to suit the selected language.
    3. Restart the GV STRATUS application to put the localization setting into effect.
  8. To configure Inspector properties, do the following:
    1. To set an audible alarm when reached the maximum text limit, select Warn Audibly When Input is Too Long.

      By default this is not selected, so you need to select this setting to have the audible alarm in your operation.

      The alarm will only be activated when the maximum text limit is reached, if the custom metadata text limit had been configured in the GV STRATUS Control Panel.

  9. To set the theme of the application, configure the Color Scheme drop-down list and Use Large Fonts as desired.
  10. To apply a change and continue editing user preferences settings, click Apply.
  11. To accept any changes and close the dialog box, click OK. The dialog box closes.

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