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Configuring Affinity User Preferences

You can configure Affinity settings to limit your displayed Assets Locations and Associations to specific storage or device locations using the user settings preferences window.

Note: Users with the Media Manager role do not have access to the Affinity tab in the User Preferences settings.
  1. Select Edit | User Preferences. The User Preferences dialog box opens. The GV STRATUS application shows or hides sections based on the roles assigned to your GV STRATUS log on credentials.
  2. To configure Affinity user preferences, select the Affinity tab.

  3. To add a storage or device location to hide, do the following:
    1. Click Add.

      The Add Filter dialog box opens.

    2. Select the storage or device location you would like to filter out from the drop-down list.
  4. To unhide a storage or device location, do the following:
    1. Click to highlight its row on the Affinity tab.
    2. Click Remove.
  5. To apply a change and continue editing user preferences settings, click Apply.
  6. To accept any changes and close the dialog box, click OK. The dialog box closes.
  7. Restart the GV STRATUS application for these changes to take effect.
After specific storage or device location had been hidden, take note of the following:
  • The selected storage or device location is now filtered out and not displayed in the GV STRATUS application.
  • Assets whose only online association is now filtered out will have no online association. Those assets display with the red X icon and red indicator in the asset status column.
  • Assets who have multiple online associations, and the primary physical association is filtered out will use the next online association as primary association.
  • Searches are not affected as it is still possible to search for assets that have an association on a particular device, even if the returned asset appears to have no online association.

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