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Archiving an asset

You can only archive an asset if you are assigned with the archive role. When you want to archive an asset, you can choose whether to copy or move the asset to an archive location.

Note: A list must be conformed before it can be archived. If a rule is used to archive a list, the list is conformed by default.
  1. In the Asset List panel, select an asset.
  2. Right-click and select Archive Media.
  3. Select the archive location.

    Note: You cannot archive two assets with the same name at the same archive location. But you can select Rename Automatically in the Archive Rename Policy dialog box.
    Tip: If you plan to archive or transfer assets frequently to the same folder, add that folder to your favorites. This allows you to select that folder directly from the Favorites menu instead of browsing to the archive location.
  4. Click Copy or Move.
    Note: A copy operation archives a copy of the asset to the archive location. A move operation archives the asset and deletes it from its online location.

    You can also archive an asset via copy and paste, or drag and drop assets directly into a bin in your archive directory.

  5. From the Navigator, select Monitors | Jobs to track the progress of the archive operation.

    If the Jobs List is not updated, click the Refresh button.

Upon completion of the archive operation, the High-Res Status column in the Asset List indicates the online or archive status of the asset.

A protected asset can be archived via the copy operation, but a move operation is not allowed as the high resolution media cannot be deleted.

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