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Configuring DIVA

Before you begin, verify the following:
  • The DIVA server must have sufficient storage for archived clips.
  • The DIVA server must be connected to the Control and streaming/FTP networks.
  • The K2 system must be assigned with the role of FTP Server.
  • The K2 systems, GV STRATUS Core server, and the archive device must be able to communicate with each other on the streaming/FTP network.
  • All FTP servers of K2 Summit SAN must be configured as individual entry in the Configuration Utility on the DIVA server.
  • Two separate entries of the K2 server name must be configured to archive both GXF and MXF formats from a K2 server.
  1. Launch the MS-DOS command prompt and use the ping command to test each K2 system, GV STRATUS Core server, and the archive device's streaming/FTP network name, which includes the _he0 suffix.
  2. Log on to the DIVA server.
  3. Launch the Configuration Utility on the DIVA server.
  4. Click the Open connection button on the toolbar to connect to the DIVA database.

    The log on dialog box opens.

  5. Enter your user name and password, and click OK.
  6. Click the Add source button to add K2 server to the DIVA system configuration.

    The configuration dialog opens.

  7. Fill in the following information:
    1. Source name – Name of the K2 server that the DIVA server connects to. If applicable, enter the server name including the _he0 and _mxf suffixes. For MXF archive, the _mxf suffix must be at the end of the server name.
      Note: To archive both GXF and MXF formats from a K2 server, make 2 entries of the K2 server name with _he0 suffix for GXF and _he0_mxf suffix for MXF.
    2. IP Address – IP address of the K2 server.
    3. Source Type – Select PDR.
    4. Production System – Select the production system in your operation.
    5. Site – Select the site in your operation.
    6. Connect Options – Enter one of the following:
      • For GXF archive, enter -k2 -login movie.
      • For MXF archive, enter -k2 -login mxfmovie.
    7. Root Path – You can leave this blank.
    8. Max Throughput (Mb/s) – Enter 50000 for the maximum throughput.
    9. Max Accesses – Enter 8, the sum of max read and write accesses for the total number of maximum access.
    10. Max Read Accesses – Enter 4 for the total number of maximum read access.
    11. Max Write Accesses – Enter 4 for the total number of maximum write access.
    Note: The same number of maximum concurrent archive and restore operations should be entered for all FTP servers belonging to the same SAN. The same goes for all other connected K2 Summit stand-alone servers in one system.
  8. If you're configuring DIVA version 7, go to C:\Diva70\Program\conf\actor\partial_restore.conf and set the following setting:
  9. Restart the DIVArchive Actor Service, DIVArchive Manager Service, and DIVArchive Robot Manager Service on the DIVA server to enable the new settings.
  10. Verify that you can FTP from the DIVA server to the K2 server using the movie or mxfmovie user account.
Note: DIVA file names are case sensitive, therefore make sure you selected the correct file name in lowercase or uppercase letters before archiving.

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