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Partially restoring an asset

You can partially restore an asset to get a specific part of the high resolution material from the archive system and restore it into the K2 Summit/SAN system.

Refer to this Topic Library for information on supported formats.

  1. Load the asset you are partially restoring into the Inspector.
  2. Set Mark In and Mark Out points on the asset.
  3. Click Actions on the Inspector panel and select Restore Media.

    The Restore Media dialog opens.

  4. Select Partial Asset to partially restore the asset.

    Verify that the mark in and mark out points specified on the Restore Media dialog are correct.

  5. Enter a new name in the Asset Name box if desired.

    If not, _PR is appended to the name of the asset by default to indicate partial restore.

  6. Select the desired destination to restore the asset.
  7. Click OK.
    Note: Restore operations are not always immediate.
  8. Verify the status of your restore operation and the names of the assets that are restored by launching Monitors | Jobs from the Navigator.
Upon completion of the restore operation, the Asset List displays a High-Res Status indicator.

A partially restored asset uses the originally created proxy. The Inspector panel Associations tab provides information on paths, association types, and device locations.

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