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Restoring assets from keywords

You can restore assets if you are assigned with the restore role.

You can also partially restore assets from existing keywords and restore them into the K2 Summit/SAN system.

  1. In the Asset List panel, select an archived asset with keywords that you want to restore.

    The asset loads in the Inspector.

  2. In the Inspector panel, click on the Markers tab.

    The list of markers and keywords displays on the Markers tab.

  3. Select a keyword or multiple keywords as follows:
    • Right-click a single keyword to open a context menu.
    • Use Ctrl + Click to select multiple keywords, then right-click to open a context menu.
  4. In the context menu, select Restore from Archive.

    The Restore Media dialog opens.

  5. Select the desired restore destination and click OK.

    You can select whether to rename the restored asset automatically, or to overwrite an existing asset with the restored asset.

    Assets from those keywords are restored at the selected destination. Each keyword name is appended to the asset name to differentiate restored assets from multiple keywords.

Upon completion of the restore operation, the Asset List displays a High-Res Status indicator.

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