Other Topic Library Versions


The Assignment List in the GV STRATUS ActiveX panel lets you create a placeholder for a clip and insert it into the accompanying story slug in the ENPS rundown.

You can create placeholders and insert them manually into your rundown; or use the auto-create feature, to create and insert the placeholder automatically.

In addition to the placeholder workflow, GV STRATUS ActiveX panel supports the MOS Newsroom Item workflow with ENPS. Without the need to create placeholders and linking them with assets, you can just drag assets directly from GV STRATUS ActiveX panel and drop them into your ENPS stories. However, both workflows are not supported simultaneously. You must either use the placeholder workflow with Assignment List, or the MOS Newsroom Item workflow at a time.

GV STRATUS also supports the MOS Redirection workflow to transfer media between machines and locations automatically via ENPS. When MOS Redirection is triggered and stories with linked placeholders containing media are moved from one location to another, ENPS automatically transfers the media contained in those stories. This workflow supports automatic transfer of media between servers within a single newsroom, or between multiple newsrooms and servers in separate locations.

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