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Adding placeholders

Placeholders are essentially assignments for editors, who can then create clips for the story, and send them to a K2 Summit/SAN system for playback. You need to create a placeholder for each clip that you link to a rundown.

Note: Grass Valley recommends no more than 2,000 placeholders in the system for optimal performance.
  1. In the Assignment List tool, click the New Placeholder button.

    The New Clip Entry dialog box opens.
  2. Enter the clip name. The name identifies the placeholder in the Assignment List (which can also be seen in the Newsroom Computer System).
  3. You can also provide additional information about the placeholder:
    • Story Type — Select a Story Type from the drop-down menu. Available story types are SOT (Sound On Tape) or VO (Voice Over). You can also leave this field blank.
    • Category — Select a category from the drop-down menu. The category determines how stories are grouped and sorted.
    • Editorial Duration — Enter a duration for the placeholder. The Editorial Duration is an optional value you can set for an estimated on-air duration of the clip that can be changed to a more precise value later.
      Note: Editorial Duration has the priority over clip duration. Once an Editorial Duration is set; it will not be adjusted to clip duration, even after clip is associated with the placeholder. The editor needs to set the final Editorial Duration before the clip is sent for playback.
    • Description — Enter a description for the placeholder. The description helps editors to identify the clip that they need.
    • Protected — Check this box to prevent the clip from being deleted by other users.
    • Being Edited — Check this box to indicate when the sequence for a placeholder is currently being edited.
  4. Click OK.

The new placeholder appears on the Assignment List tool.

Note: The Clip ID and Date are set automatically when you create a new placeholder.

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