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Changing ALP User Preferences

You can Assignment List options within user preference settings.

  1. Select Edit | User Preferences. The User Preferences dialog box opens. The GV STRATUS application shows or hides sections based on the roles assigned to your GV STRATUS log on credentials.
  2. Select the tab for the panel or component you are configuring and make settings accordingly.
  3. To configure Assignment List user preferences, select the ALP tab.

  4. To select the Display Mode of your Assignment List tool, click the drop-down list, and choose from the following:

    Rundown View — Displays rundown view only.

    Placeholder List — Displays placeholder list only.

    Rundown View and Placeholder List — Displays rundowns and placeholder list.

  5. To change the Being Edited Color of placeholders, click on the drop-down list to display the color palette, and do one of the following:
    • Select any theme or basic colors as provided.

    • Click Advanced to define your own custom color and RGB values.

    The color of being edited placeholders is changed to the selected color.

    The status of a placeholder changes to being edited if the placeholder is linked to a scheduled event, linked to an RMI clip, or when the being edited checkbox is selected in the placeholder properties.

  6. Set other options as follows:
    • Allow Placeholder Deletion: Allows placeholder deletion in the Assignment List tool.
    • Auto-Activate Being Edited: When a new sequence is added to a placeholder, the sequence is automatically set to Being Edited.
  7. To accept any changes and close the dialog box, click OK. The dialog box closes.

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