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Configuring MOS Redirection workflow with ENPS

Using ENPS, you can enable the MOS Redirection workflow to automatically transfer media between different servers and locations.

  1. Launch your ENPS client, and open a Rundown.
  2. Click Properties on the ENPS toolbar.

    The Edit Properties window opens.

  3. On the MOS Properties section, configure as follows:
    MOS Redirection Enter the following: gv=MOS ID of destination system (e.g., gv=gv.qa2.mos)
    Note: The setting must only be configured in lower case letters.
    MOS Allow Enter MOS IDs of both origin and destination systems.
  4. Click Apply, and Save to close the window.
  5. Launch the GV STRATUS Control Panel and click Applications | Rundown | Media.

  6. Select the Auto Transfer check box.
  7. Click the + button to add destination servers for Playout File Transfer.

    The Add Ingest Server dialog opens.

  8. Configure K2 server settings for the destination system and click OK.
  9. Click Save to save the configuration.

When MOS Redirection is triggered and stories with linked placeholders containing media are moved from one location to another, ENPS automatically transfers the media contained in those stories. This workflow supports automatic transfer of media between servers within a single newsroom, or between multiple newsrooms and servers in different locations. For stories with unlinked placeholders, only the placeholder gets created at the other location.

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