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Deleting a placeholder

If desired, you can delete placeholders, associated assets, and essences from the Assignment List tool.

  1. Do one of the following to delete a placeholder:
    • Select the placeholder that you want to delete and click the Delete button.
    • Right-click on the placeholder and select Delete Placeholder.
  2. Select your options as follows:
    • Everything — Select this to delete the entire asset including placeholder, associated asset and essences, and associated essence on the managed Playout Server.
    • Placeholder — Select this to only delete the placeholder on the GV STRATUS application.
    • Associated Asset & Essences — Select this to only delete the associated asset and essences on your K2 Summit/SAN system.
    • Associated Essence on Playout Server — Select this to only delete the associated essence on the managed Playout Server if you already sent it out for playback.
      Note: Deletion of essence on an unmanaged playout server is not supported. However, you can still delete via the Aurora Playout Housekeeper application or delete directly on the unmanaged playout server.

  3. Click OK.

If the Delete button is not selectable or Delete Placeholder is grayed out in the context menu, you need to check ALP settings in the User Preferences menu.

Select Edit | User Preferences | ALP and check the Allow Placeholder Deletion box.

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