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Inserting placeholders manually in Octopus

With Octopus, you can manually create placeholders and insert them into the Assignment List of GV STRATUS ActiveX Plug-in.

  1. Split the Octopus window so you can see the Rundown View and the GV STRATUS ActiveX Plug-in.

  2. Double-click the story that you want to insert a placeholder into.

    The story displays on the Octopus.

  3. Click the Edit button on the toolbar.
  4. Right click on the NOT READY status, select MOS | Create on [ the name of your MOS].

    The create placeholder dialog box displays.

  5. Select your MOS for the Device and select VIDEO for the Type.
  6. Enter the name and duration of the placeholder.

    Enter the description, if desired.

  7. Click OK.
  8. Click the Save button on the toolbar.

    The placeholder appears on the Assignment List of GV STRATUS ActiveX Plug-in.

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