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Viewing and modifying metadata of linked placeholders

You can view and modify metadata of placeholders with Ready status. When you modify the metadata, you are actually modifying the metadata of the asset that is already associated with the placeholder. The inserted metadata can then be used as the search criteria to easily search assets in the Asset List panel.

  1. To view or modify the metadata, do one of the following below:
    • Drag and drop the placeholder into the Inspector panel.
    • Double-click the placeholder.

    The metadata loads into the Inspector panel.

  2. On the Properties tab, you can view or modify metadata of placeholders.

    You can also add and customize metadata fields in the Metadata settings within the GV STRATUS Control Panel application.

  3. To lock the status, click the Unprotected button.

    The asset is now locked. To unlock, click the Protected button.

  4. To add a star rating, click the star or stars next to Rating. When you add a star, it retains the color fill even when the mouse is no longer hovering over it.
  5. Click the None icon to change the approval status.

    The approval status changes to Approved.

    You can click the icon to toggle the approval status of the linked placeholder. The selected approval status displays on the Assignment List.

    • None: Identifies the approval status of the clip as none.
    • Approved: Identifies the approval status of the clip as approved.
    • Rejected: Identifies the approval status of the clip as rejected.
  6. Set the MetadataExpireDate and Source ID, if needed.
  7. To view lists of related assets and relationships, see other tabs of the Inspector panel.

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