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About Archive/Restore roles

Archive/Restore roles are enabled by a SabreTooth license that is installed on the GV STRATUS Core server. When installed, in GV STRATUS Control Panel, the following roles are enabled and can be assigned to groups and users.
  • Archive Rights
  • Restore Rights

In the GV STRATUS Navigator panel, Archive systems are located under the Devices node. These systems are visible only for those with Archive Rights and/or Restore Rights.

If the role of Media Manager is assigned, the following occurs:
  • Archive Rights and Restore Rights roles are enforced. You cannot remove the Archive/Restore role of a Media Manager.
  • Permission is granted to move assets from an archive system to the GV STRATUS system. Without this permission, assets may be copied but not moved.

If a Newsroom Basic license, Archive/Restore roles are disabled.

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