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Licensing EDIUS

If using EDIUS XS or EDIUS Workgroup with GV STRATUS, you must ensure the appropriate licenses are in place, as follows:
  • EDIUS XS: This license is installed on GV STRATUS Core server and managed by GV STRATUS Sabretooth license management. The GV STRATUS system must have a Flex, Pro, or Elite license.
  • EDIUS Workgroup: Three licenses are required to be installed on the client PC that hosts the GV STRATUS and EDIUS Workgroup applications. These licenses are managed by EDIUS license management, rather than GV STRATUS Sabretooth license management.
    • EDIUS Workgroup license
    • EDIUS K2 Option license
    • EDIUS STRATUS Option license
On client PCs, only one EDIUS license type is supported. Do not install both EDIUS XS and EDIUS Workgroup on the same PC.

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