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Requesting a license

Features for your GV STRATUS system are enabled by SabreTooth licenses. For each server you are licensing, you must provide a generated unique ID to Grass Valley. Grass Valley uses the ID to create your unique license.

  1. Refer to the license sheet that you received with your GV STRATUS license. The license sheet has the Sales Order number that you need.
  2. Generate a unique ID of the device where you will install software, as follows:
    1. Double click on the License Manager icon on the Windows Desktop. The SabreTooth License Manager opens.
    2. Choose File | Generate Unique Id the License Manager.
    3. Click Copy to clipboard to copy the generated ID, and OK to exit.
  3. Prepare an email that includes the following information:
    • Customer Name
    • Customer Email
    • Sales Order Number
    • Unique ID of the device where you will install software.
    • The license types you are requesting.
  4. Send the email to GrassValleyLicensing@grassvalley.com.

The SabreTooth license number will be emailed to the email address you specified.

Next add the license to the SabreTooth License Manager.

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