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Revoking a GV STRATUS license lease

If a GV STRATUS user is currently using a license, you can revoke their lease on the license. This automatically closes the user’s GV STRATUS application and makes the license available for a different GV STRATUS user to use.
  1. In GV STRATUS Control Panel click General | License Management | Current Leases.

  2. Under Current leases, right-click a row and select Revoke Lease. The Confirm Revoke Lease dialog box opens.

  3. Enter a message to inform the user that their lease is to be revoked.
  4. Click Revoke. The following occurs:
    • The license is immediately available to be used by another GV STRATUS user.
    • Within one minute, the message opens in front of the revoked user's GV STRATUS application.
    • 30 seconds after the revoked user clicks OK on the message, the revoked user's GV STRATUS application automatically closes.

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