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STRATUS-CS-RE server: Render Engine Dell R620

These cabling instructions apply to a GV STRATUS server, specified as follows:
  • Dell R620 PowerEdge server with roles from the following list:
    • GV STRATUS Control Panel
    • GV Log Manager
    • StorNext File System Client
    • GV Embedded Security Manager
    • GV STRATUS Render Engine

For the Render Engine server, these roles require connections to the media (iSCSI) network and the control network. Grass Valley policy requires an additional connection to the FTP/streaming network.

If a basic, non-redundant K2 SAN, connect port 2 to the one media (iSCSI) network. If a redundant K2 SAN, connect port 2 to media network A and port 3 to media network B.

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