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About playing clips in a Channel Panel

You have the following options for playing clips:

  • Playback — Plays the clip once and stops at the end of the clip. You can do this on a single channel, on all the channels in a gang, or on an individual channel in a gang.
  • Loop play — Plays the clip in a continuous loop until you manually stop the playout. You can do this on a single channel or on all the channels in a gang.
Indicators that playback is underway are as follows:
  • Timecode increments.
  • Tally indicators display a green color.
  • The scrub bar slider moves from left to right.

The function of the Play button toggles. While the channel is playing, clicking the Pause button stops the playback. While the channel is not playing, clicking the Play button begins playback.

When the channels in a gang are not on the same K2 Summit system, there can be a brief pause before the play operation begins.

Refer to K2 system documentation for more details about playing clips.

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