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Channel Panel ganging limitations

The following limitations apply to ganging in the Channel Panel tool.

  • For frame accurate playback, all K2 Summits must have the Time of Day (TOD) set to an LTC input and all channels must have the same TOD timecode source.
  • On each K2 Summit client, the channel that has the LTC TOD input on it should be used exclusively for playout or record, not both. (Switching between record and play can cause a disruption in the TOD source, which can impact scheduled operations for all channels on the device.)
  • Do not daisy-chain the LTC TOD source between K2 Summits, i.e. have a LTC output from one K2 summit connected to a LTC input of another K2 Summit. (This can result in the TOD for downstream K2 Summits falling slightly behind.)
  • If K2 Summits have LTC inputs that are daisy-chained, all subsequent K2 Summits in the daisy-chain can have the TOD affected for a few seconds as well.
  • The first and last K2 Summits that are LTC daisy-chained can be off by a field or frame if the daisy-chain exceeds ~5 or more K2 Summit devices.

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