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Creating a salvo

  1. Load clips in the channels of your Channel Panel.
  2. Identify the salvo buttons in the Channel Panel toolbar.

  3. Determine the salvo button to use for your new salvo as follows:
    1. Identify buttons with numbers that are a lighter color (not bold). These buttons do not have a salvo assigned.
    2. Hover your mouse pointer over a salvo button. A tooltip displays the salvo name or "Unassigned".
  4. Right-click the salvo button and select Create Salvo. A dialog box opens and prompts for a salvo name.
  5. Enter the name of the salvo and then click OK. The application displays this name as a tooltip to identify the salvo button. The salvo is saved as part of the Channel Panel configuration.

You must save the Channel Panel configuration to save the new salvo.

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