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Creating a Channel Panel

  1. In the Navigator panel expand the Tools node, right-click Channel Panels and select New Channel Panel. The Channel Panel configuration is displayed in the Asset List and settings open in the Inspector panel.

  2. On the Properties tab, enter a name and description for the Channel Panel you are creating.
  3. Click the Show/Hide button to display each K2 system's or GV I/O appliance's channels as desired.
  4. Select the working bin for the system as follows:
    1. Click the Browse button. A tree view section opens.
    2. Navigate the tree view and create or select the bin.
    3. Click Apply. The tree view section closes.
    The working bin applies to all the channels on the K2 Summit or GV I/O appliance system.
    Note: The working bin is set for all the channels from the same K2 Summit/SAN system or GV I/O appliance used in the Channel Panel.
  5. Configure channels as follows:
    • To add channels to a gang, select channel checkboxes in the gang's column.
    • To add a channel as a single channel, select the channel checkbox in the Unganged column.
    • To add all channels to gang or as unganged, select the appropriate checkbox in the top row.
    • If desired, enter names for channels.

      These names are for display in the GV STRATUS application only.

      If a channel is configured on the K2 Summit system as a ChannelFlex channel, you can enter multiple names to identify the different ChannelFlex inputs and/or outputs.

    Settings are automatically saved as you configure.
  6. To launch the Channel Panel from the Inspector panel, click Launch.

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