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Reconnecting channels

If status indicators report that a channel is no longer connected to a K2 or GV I/O appliance system, you can trigger the channel to reconnect.

  1. In the Channel Panel, identify the disconnected channel as indicated by the channel status indicator and message in the channel's thumbnail area.
  2. Click the Reconnect button. One of the following occurs:
    • If Channel Panel failed to connect to the server, the channel connects to the K2 or GV I/O appliance system. Other channels in the Channel Panel attempt to reconnect as well, if those channels were previously connected to that same system.
    • If the channel is currently owned, an "...Are you sure...?" message appears and provides information about the user and system that currently owns the channel. Click Yes to disconnect the current owner and connect to the K2 or GV I/O appliance system.

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