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Selecting timecode type to navigate and mark clips

You can use the timecode display to navigate and mark clips in single channels, and individual channels in a gang.

  1. On the timecode display, select one of the following timecode types:
    • C: Current Timecode
    • I: Mark In
    • O: Mark Out
    • D: Duration
    • d: Marked Duration
    You cannot navigate or set marks using the following timecode types.
    • Elapsed
    • Elapsed from Mark In
    • Remaining
    • Remaining to Mark Out
  2. Alt + Click on the timecode display. Timecode goes into edit mode, as indicated by the up/down buttons.
  3. Do one of the following:
    • Enter time code values.
    • Click up/down buttons to go to your desired timecode position.
  4. Press Enter or click outside the timecode display. The playback point moves to the specified timecode, as indicated by the scrub bar. If timecode type is mark in or mark out, marks are set at the specified timecode. If timecode type is duration, the mark out point is set.

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