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About groups and users on a GV STRATUS system

If your GV STRATUS system is on a domain, all servers and client PCs on that system that have any interaction with Grass Valley components must be logged on to Windows with a domain user account. Do not use a local user account.

GV STRATUS licensing and roles are applied to Windows operating system groups and users. Any groups or users to which you assign GV STRATUS licenses or roles must be available for authentication on the GV STRATUS server with role of Common Services, which is typically the GV STRATUS Core server, and on all K2 devices that are part of your GV STRATUS system. This includes the following devices:
  • GV STRATUS servers
  • K2 Summit standalone systems
  • K2 Summit SAN-attached systems
  • K2 Media Servers
Groups and/or user accounts are not authorized on the GV STRATUS client PC itself. When you log on to an application from a client PC, you are authorized against the roles assigned to the accounts available on the GV STRATUS Core server as follows:
  • GV STRATUS application — If you are using a domain, the log on accounts are on the domain server and are managed by the domain so the GV STRATUS Core server must be on the domain. If you are using a workgroup, the log on accounts must be a part of the workgroup on the GV STRATUS Core server.
  • GV STRATUS Control Panel application — You must log on with Windows administrator credentials in order to have access to all the configuration settings in the GV STRATUS Control Panel application. The log on account must be a part of the local Windows administrator account on the GV STRATUS Core server. This is required whether you are using a domain or a workgroup. If you are using a domain, you can additionally add the log on account to the domain administrators group.

    If on a network Workgroup, to configure Authorization Manager settings, you must be running GV STRATUS Control Panel on the GV STRATUS Core server.

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