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Format settings

These settings are required on all GV STRATUS systems.

Format settings let you configure video and audio settings. The GV STRATUS application uses these settings as follows:
When the Render Engine conforms a complex asset, such as a GV STRATUS sequence, into a simple clip, the Format settings define the format of the simple clip.
Format settings are inherited by EDIUS XS when the application is launched and a new project is created.
Format settings define the video standard settings, such as PAL or NTSC.
GV I/O Appliance
Format settings define the valid format for configured channels and ingested assets.
Storyboard and Source Viewer
Format settings define the video standard, audio reference, etc.

Access these settings in the GV STRATUS Control Panel application.

To locate these settings, click General | Format | Formats

Setting or button Description
Reference Standard Sets the GV STRATUS formats available according to their Reference Standard, to match the current Reference Standard on the K2 system. Formats that do not match this setting are disabled in the list. When changing and saving this setting, a corresponding primary format must be selected.
Format Name, Video Format, Compression Format, etc Format settings, as configured in the Format Settings dialog box.
Primary The default format for configuration. For example, when configuring a Send Destination, the primary format is set by default, but a different format can be selected if desired.
Note: A primary format must be selected. Multiple primary formats are not allowed.
Locked Indicates if a format name can be modified. A format that is currently configured in a Send Destination displays a closed lock icon. A dialog box prompts for confirmation before a locked format name can be modified.
Add Opens the Format Settings dialog box for you to add formats.
Properties Opens the Format Settings dialog box for you to view properties of the selected format.
Remove Removes the selected format. The format currently selected as the primary format can not be removed.
Save Saves the current configuration of added formats and their order.

Clicking column heads and/or arrow buttons on the right reorders the list of formats.

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