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Custom Metadata settings

These settings are optional on GV STRATUS systems.

To locate these settings, click Core | Metadata | Custom Metadata

The GV STRATUS application prevents you from creating a custom metadata field with the same name as an existing metadata field. However, if you use K2 AppCenter to create metadata fields, it is possible to have multiple fields with the same name. If this occurs, the GV STRATUS application displays the first field only.

Custom metadata fields configured here are then available for use in the GV STRATUS application as follows:
  • On the Inspector Panel properties tab
  • As an Asset List column
  • As a House Number List column
  • As an Advanced Search criteria
  • For inclusion in rules
  • On a Segment Template
  • On markers and keywords
Setting or button Description
Entity Type A list of available GV STRATUS entities for which you can configure custom metadata.
Note: You can only configure custom metadata for markers and keywords if you are assigned with the Media Manager role.
Add Opens the Add Field dialog box to add metadata fields.
Modify Opens the Modify Field dialog box for the selected field.
Remove Removes the selected field.
Tip: It is recommended to reset index after removing a custom metadata field. If not, a deleted custom metadata field will only be removed from the index after modifications of assets.

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