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Permissions Modify Field settings

To locate these settings, click Core | Metadata | Permissions | Modify

Setting or button Description
User or Group The list of users or groups with permissions and access rights to the metadata.

To assign permissions, click + and enter any user or group in the Add Users or Groups dialog box. If necessary, click Advanced to open Windows operating system dialog box to find and validate users or groups.

  • Plus sign: Opens the Add Users or Groups dialog box to assign users or groups with permissions.
  • Minus sign: Removes a user or group from the list.
Allow / Deny The type of access rights that can be configured for users and groups. By default, all assigned users and groups have Read and Write permissions as follows:
  • Read: Access right to read the metadata.
  • Write: Access right to modify the metadata. If Deny is selected, the metadata value is grayed out in the Inspector.

Set permissions by selecting Allow or Deny as appropriate.

OK Updates the changes to the Permissions settings.
Cancel Cancels changes to the Permissions settings.

If Read permissions are changed from Deny to Allow, the Field Permissions Changed dialog appears. You must restart the GV STRATUS application in order to view those fields.

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