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EDIUS Client Settings

These settings are only required on GV STRATUS systems with EDIUS clients.

To locate these settings, in GV STRATUS Control Panel click Applications | EDIUS | EDIUS Client

Setting or button Description
Asset Browser The asset browser to be used in the EDIUS application. Select one from the following:
  • STRATUS App - utilizes GV STRATUS ActiveX panel in the EDIUS application.
  • STRATUS Browser - utilizes STRATUS browser in the EDIUS application to browse and search GV STRATUS assets.
Create Relationships on Associates GV STRATUS assets in the EDIUS application. Select one from the following:
  • Project Contents - associates all assets used in the EDIUS project; including those loaded in the project bin only.
  • Sequence Contents - only associates assets used in sequences on the timeline of the EDIUS project.
Allow waveform regeneration on GV Render Engine Enables or disables the re-creation of waveform cache (*.ewc2) files in proxy server for the use in EDIUS client. Waveform cache files are usually generated in EDIUS when users expand audio tracks on the timeline.

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