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K2 Central Add/Modify settings

These settings are optional on GV STRATUS systems.

To locate these settings, click Core | K2 Storage | K2 Central | Add or Modify

Note: It is required that any K2 config files be deleted, and services restarted on the GV STRATUS core server, if originally K2 Central devices had been manually added to these files before configuring K2 Central systems in the GV STRATUS Control Panel.

Setting Description
K2 Central Name The name of the K2 Central system in your operation.

The name of the K2 Central system must not be empty and cannot be a duplicate of an already existing K2 Central system.

Clients Select K2 Summit clients from the drop-down list for your K2 Central system.
Note: Only 1 to 5 clients can be selected for any one K2 Central system.
Server The name of the K2 Central server in your system.

A K2 Central server must be available and already configured in the Grass Valley Media Server MDI SAN settings.

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