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Generic FTP MDI settings

These settings are optional on GV STRATUS systems.

To locate these settings, click Core | MDI Configuration | Managed Devices | Add | Generic FTP

Setting or button Description
MDI Type The Managed Device Interface (MDI) type to which these settings apply.
MDI Name A name for this instance of the MDI type. Do not use spaces in the MDI name.
Hostname of device running the MDI The name of the GV STRATUS server that hosts this MDI.
Port number The port number of the port that this MDI listens to. The default port number is 9170. Other port numbers are also allowed.
Maximum concurrent transfers The maximum number of transfers that the MDI will process at the same time. You can configure up to 10 concurrent transfers if you have large resources in your system. The number of maximum concurrent transfers can be monitored in the Resource Monitor of GV STRATUS Control Panel.
Format Specifies the format of the archived asset, either GXF or MXF.
Note: In order for the format change to take effect, you need to click Save and restart your GV STRATUS clients.
FTP Server Name The IP Address or the name resolving to the FTP server on the FTP server network where assets will be transferred to. If using a K2 nearline, configure the Generic FTP MDI to use the K2's nearline FTP.
Note: The device status can be monitored in the Resource Monitor of GV STRATUS Control Panel.
FTP User Account The FTP user name.
FTP Password The FTP password.
FTP Root Directory The root directory for the Generic FTP MDI. Once you set the root directory, only folders under the root directory are exposed in the Navigator of GV STRATUS application.

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