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Marker Synchronization settings

These settings are required on all GV STRATUS systems.

To locate these settings, click Core | STRATUS Core Services | Marker Synchronization

Setting or button Description
Partial One-way marker creation from Dyno to GV STRATUS, then two-way marker modification and deletion. This is the recommended setting for all systems.
Full Two-way creation, modification, and deletion between Dyno and GV STRATUS. Use this setting only if required by your K2 Dyno Controller workflow. Consider K2 database capacity limitations when using this setting.
Lock/Unlock Locks and unlocks Marker Synchronization settings
Save Saves current settings.
Cancel Returns settings to their last saved state.

If the Marker Synchronization setting is changed, the GV STRATUS Core server and the K2 system must be restarted.

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