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Media settings

These settings are optional on GV STRATUS systems.

You can set the Media Directory for the operation with GV STRATUS Rundown.

You can also set the threshold percentage value of clip transfer progress for the status of linked growing clip to change to Ready.

When selecting the ingest client for Playout File Transfer, you have the option to use the Auto Transfer feature to automatically transfer media from a source (ingest) server to a destination (playout) server.

For the MOS Redirection workflow with ENPS, you must select the Auto Transfer feature and add K2 media servers for Playout File Transfer.

To locate these settings, click Applications | Rundown | Media

Setting or button Description
Media Directory Name of the default folder where playout media is sent to.
Ready Status Threshold (%) Defines the threshold (in percentage value) of clip transfer progress before the status of a linked growing clip changes to Ready.

This setting is only applicable to clip transfers via Send Destinations ( F11) and Move/Copy operation from a non-playout bin to playout bin after linking the clip to a placeholder.

For other methods of ingesting clips that are not tracked by the GV STRATUS Jobs Monitor such as scheduled ingests, removable media interface (RMI) ingests, and imports/recordings via the K2 Summit AppCenter, placeholders which have a linked clip in the playout media bin with a Duration property greater than 0 (zero) will be set to Ready status and is not affected by the Ready Status Threshold (%) setting. In such cases, the placeholder status will only remain as Not Ready as long as the clip's duration value is still 0 (zero).

Add (+) Opens the Add media server dialog. It lets you either define the playout server or ingest server that accommodates Playout File Transfer.

For the MOS Redirection workflow with ENPS, the K2 media server must be configured and added for Playout File Transfer.

Remove (-) Removes the selected media server.
Auto Transfer Auto Transfer lets you automatically transfer assets from an ingest server to a playout server. The Auto Transfer takes place only when assets recorded on the ingest server is associated with a placeholder that is part of a MOS active rundown.
Note: A media server can only be either a source or destination for Auto Transfer, so the same media server should never be added to both the playout and ingest sections.

For the MOS Redirection workflow, the Auto Transfer checkbox must be selected to enable transfer of media between machines and locations automatically via ENPS. When MOS Redirection is triggered and stories with linked placeholders containing media are moved from one location to another, ENPS automatically transfers the media contained in those stories. This workflow supports automatic transfer of media between servers within a single newsroom, or between multiple newsrooms and servers in different locations. For stories with unlinked placeholders, only the placeholder gets created at the other location.

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