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Router Connection settings

These settings are optional on GV STRATUS systems.

To locate these settings, click Applications | Router | Connection

Setting or button Description
Router Service Host IP address or computer name that hosts the Router Service. This is populated automatically if you use SiteConfig for installation.
Router Type Router types include Encore, SMS7000, and Jupiter. However, you need to select Encore/SMS7000 from the Router Type drop-down list if you use Jupiter with the AccuSwitch application.
Primary server IP address or the primary server of the router, if you chose Encore/SMS7000.
Port Port number that the router needs to connect to.
Secondary Server IP address or the secondary server of the router, if available.
COM Port COM port number that Jupiter needs to connect to if you choose Jupiter on the Router Type drop-down list.
Note: You need to enter "COM1", "COM2", or any other COM port number in this setting depending on which COM port that you want to use.
Customize Level Settings Level settings of the router can be customized. If checked, select the appropriate level from drop-down lists for video, audio and timecode. Select 0 (zero) for the video level if video is the first level in your router control system, 1 if it is the second level and so on.
Audio Level 4 audio level settings can be customized for the router.
Video Level The video level setting can be customized for the router.
Timecode Level The timecode level setting can be customized for the router.
Sort Router Source/Destination Alphabetically If selected, router sources and destinations are displayed alphabetically in the settings for Ingest | Channel Setup and in the Scheduler tool.

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