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Rules settings

These settings are optional on GV STRATUS systems.

To locate these settings, click General | Rules | Rules Monitor

Icons indicate Engine status:
  • - The Engine is licensed and related rules can be enabled.
  • - The Engine is not running and inaccessible, therefore related rules cannot be enabled.
Setting or button Description
Add Opens Rule Editor settings to create a new rule.
Modify Opens Rule Editor settings to modify the selected rule.
Properties Opens Rule Editor settings to view properties of the selected rule.
Remove Removes the selected rule.
Enable/Disable Enables or disables the selected rule.
Simulate Simulates the selected rule to list assets affected by the rule.
Refresh Updates the list of rules and their information.

Above settings can also be accessed via the context menu, by right-clicking on each rule or multiple rules.

You can also right-click and select Reset Counters from the context menu to reset values in the Failed and Succeeded columns back to zero. The reset is allowed for single and multiple rules at the same time on enabled and disabled rules.

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