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Data Mover engine settings

These settings are optional on GV STRATUS systems.

To locate these settings, click Core | Engines | Data Mover | Modify

Setting or button Description
Aspera Node Service Setting for the Aspera Node Service to support FASP transfer protocol in export workflow triggered by GV STRATUS Rules. This setting specifies the URL of the Aspera web service on either a Windows or Linux server. The convention must be http://<IP address of local Aspera Node Service>:<port number>. Port number is typically 9091.
Linux Mounted Path Specifies the base part of the UNC path to be stripped for the relative path of an Aspera job order. The Data Mover Engine must strip the base part to make the UNC file path in the Aspera job relative to the Linux mount point.

Leave this setting empty if your Aspera server is on a Windows system.

Aspera User Account The user account and credential to access the Aspera Node Service.

For an Aspera server running on the Linux system, enter the user name and password that have been configured under Linux with the asnodeadmin command.

Maximum Concurrent Transfers Limits the number of simultaneous transfers performed by the Data Mover engine. Use to balance resource load on the system hosting the engine. The number of maximum concurrent transfers can be monitored in the Resource Monitor of GV STRATUS Control Panel.
Save Restarts the Data Mover engine and applies changes.
Note: The device status can be monitored in the Resource Monitor of GV STRATUS Control Panel.
Cancel Reverts to previously saved setting.

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