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Inspector Sections settings

To locate these settings, click Core | Metadata | Inspector Sections.

You can add and organize metadata and sections for display in Properties tab within the Inspector.
  • Each row represents a metadata property. Properties can be reordered higher/lower using drag-and-drop.
  • Each column represents a section that will be displayed in the Inspector. Added sections can be reordered left/right using drag-and-drop.
Setting or button Description
Entity Type Configures sections on tabs and property panels for STRATUS assets, markers, and segments.
Property The name of the metadata field.
General Rows selected in the column define the metadata fields display on the default General section in the Properties tab. This section cannot be removed or its position altered.
+ Opens the Add Tab dialog box, which defines a new section name and adds the section. Rows selected in the column define the metadata fields displayed on the added section.
X Removes an added column.
Save Saves the current settings.
Revert Discards any new settings and reverts to the last saved settings.
The GV STRATUS application must be restarted to put changes into effect.

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