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Proxy Quality settings

These settings are optional on all GV STRATUS systems.

These settings specify the quality of the proxy assets created by the GV STRATUS Render Engine. These settings do not affect proxy assets created by K2 Summit systems.

To locate these settings, click Core | Proxy Config | Proxy Quality.

Setting or button Description
Proxy Quality Level Sets the quality to Low, Medium, High, or Custom. Sets to Low by default.

The Custom option lets users customize the resolution and bit rate of proxies.

Consider proxy storage capacity, network bandwidth, and proxy creation speed. Increasing quality can impact system performance.

Codec, Resolution, Bitrate Automatically configured, based on Proxy Quality Level setting. Values are displayed but cannot be changed.

If the Custom proxy quality level is selected, you can configure the resolution and bit rate values.

Save Saves current settings.
Cancel Returns settings to their last saved state.
Note: You must restart the GV STRATUS application each time you change proxy quality settings in the GV STRATUS Control Panel.

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