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Resource Management settings

These settings apply to all GV STRATUS systems.

The Resource Monitor displays the name and type of Resource Providers and SubResource Providers, the amount of available resources, the number of resources in use, the online status, and enabled status of all resources. The Resource Monitor display refreshes every 60 seconds, but a Refresh button is also available for you to trigger the refresh manually.

The number of available resources can be configured within the individual MDI, Render Engine, DataMover Engine, and Xcode Control Engine settings in the GV STRATUS Control Panel. For GV Render Engine, the maximum number of resources for conform, proxy creation, EDIUS jobs, and total concurrent jobs can be configured by selecting Core | Engines | Render Engine | Modify. For unmanaged resources with connections via SMB or FTP protocol, the Resource Provider Type displays as Unknown on the Resource Monitor. The default is set to 10 for unmanaged resources, but you can configure up to 50 resources via right-click and select Set Resource Count for unmanaged resources with huge bandwidth. For unmanaged resources with smaller bandwidth, you can configure the Set Resource Count setting to one (1) or two (2) in the Resource Monitor.

The "In Use" status is updated whenever a resource is utilized. Usually all devices are “Online” and the status can be viewed in the Resource Monitor. In case a device is “Offline”, the administrator should investigate and set the device online again. The reason why a resource is "Offline" might be one of the following: an engine was stopped, a Windows Service was stopped, the MDI was not properly configured, or the network connectivity is interrupted.

Access these settings in the GV STRATUS Control Panel application.

To locate these settings, click Core | Resource Management | Resource Monitor.

Setting or button Description
Refresh Updates resource status of all listed resources instantly in the Resource Monitor when the button is pressed.

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