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Workflow engine settings

These settings are optional on GV STRATUS systems.

To locate these settings, click Core | Engines | Workflow | Modify

Setting or button Description
Working Directory The directory in which the Workflow Engine temporarily places files while exporting an asset to a FTP destination. First a K2 system exports the asset into the working directory, then an FTP transfer places the asset to the next destination. The working directory must have enough capacity for your largest concurrent exports. The directory must be accessible from the K2 system, GV STRATUS Render Engine, and the GV STRATUS server(s) running the Workflow Engine. The GVAdmin user must have access to the directory.
Note: The location of working directories for the Workflow Engine and Xcode Control Engine must be on the same share, but configured on different sub-folders.
E-Mail Server Settings for the email server the GV STRATUS system uses to send emails triggered by GV STRATUS Rules.
DMZ Share Used for Digital Media Platform workflow. The access from the GV STRATUS system to the server machine running in the DMZ hosting an IIS. Must be a UNC path such as \\\brightcove.
DMZ External Access URL Used for Digital Media Platform workflow. The HTTP address for access to fetch files from the Brightcove site.
Brightcove URL Used for Digital Media Platform workflow. The Brightcove URL to register the files.

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