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Configuring delete rights

  • The groups and users for which you are configuring delete rights must be set up, either on a workgroup or on a domain, on the following:
    • The GV STRATUS server with role of Common Services.
  • The GV STRATUS server with role of Common Services must have the site's GV STRATUS licenses installed.

If on a network Workgroup, to configure Authorization Manager settings, you must be running GV STRATUS Control Panel on the GV STRATUS Core server.

By default, all groups and users have permission to delete bins and assets. You can deny delete rights to some groups and users. When delete rights are denied, the following occurs:
  • Bins and assets cannot be deleted from the GV STRATUS system.
  • Delete menu items are disabled and delete keyboard shortcuts do not take effect.
  • Under Favorites, bins and assets can still be removed, since doing so does not actually delete anything from the GV STRATUS system.
Delete rights apply to all licenses.

To locate these settings, click General | License Management | Authorization Manager

  1. In the GV STRATUS Control Panel application, open License Management settings.

  2. On the Authorization Manager tab, enter the following:
    • Authorization Server Name: The name of GV STRATUS server with role of Common Services.
  3. Click the following:
    • Connect: Connects to the GV STRATUS server and populates settings. If the Connect button is disabled, it means you are already connected.
  4. Under Roles, right-click Delete Rights and select one of the following:
    • Allow Group or User
    • Deny Group or User
  5. Use standard Windows operating system procedures to specify the group or user.
  6. Click Apply to save your current settings, or click Revert to return to the last saved settings.

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