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Configuring Jupiter-AccuSwitch router control

  • The Jupiter Control System CM 4000 with AccuSwitch application must be connected to the Jupiter File Server (Configuration PC) via an IP hub, switch, or media converter. Make sure you have the CM4000 MAC address prior to the configuration.
  • The Jupiter Network Suite (JNS) Control Console software must be installed on the Configuration PC. Refer to Jupiter customer documentation for the compatible version of the control software.
  • You must have administrator privileges in order to load Jupiter software, launch Jupiter applications, and configure the system.

The Jupiter Network Suite (JNS) Control Console software on the Configuration PC provides an interface to the Jupiter Control system CM 4000 through the LAN.

In this configuration, you need to ensure that the IP address of your GV STRATUS Core server is entered in the Network Description list on the Jupiter Configurator Panel.

  1. Launch the Jupiter Network Suite (JNS) Control Console on the Configuration PC.
  2. Click the JNS Servers button on the toolbar. The JNS File Server appears in the JNS Servers panel.
  3. Click the Connect button.

    With a successful connection, appropriate programs run on the JNS File Server indicated by the LOCAL status.

  4. Click the JNS Tools button on the toolbar and click Configuration Editor.

    The Jupiter Configurator panel opens.

  5. Select File | Open.

    The Open Configuration Set dialog opens.

  6. Select your configuration set from the list and click OK.
  7. Select Jupiter | Network Description on the Jupiter Configurator panel.

    The Network Description panel opens.

    1. Check that the Jupiter CM4000 MAC address is correct.
    2. Add the GV STRATUS Core server name in the Network Description list.
    3. Set the Type as NP (Native Protocol).
    4. Enter the IP address of the GV STRATUS Core server.
  8. Select Jupiter | MPK Devices on the Jupiter Configurator panel.

    The MPK Devices panel opens.

    1. Add the GV STRATUS Core server to the list of MPK devices.
    2. Set the Device Type to NP-LAN.
    3. Select the board name of your Jupiter Control System CM 4000.
    4. Select the Input Sets, Output Sets, and Level Set for your operation.
  9. After the configuration, you need to compile and download your configuration set into the Jupiter Control System CM 4000.

    Refer to the CM 4000 Control Module Installation and Operating Manual for more information regarding the compile and download processes.

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