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Configuring Router Windows Service (for SMS7000 protocol only)

  • This configuration is only for non-STRATUS compatible routers using the SMS7000 protocol.
The configuration is needed to prevent router sources switching delay.
  1. On the GV STRATUS Core server, go to:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Grass Valley\GV STRATUS Ingest Services\RouterWindowsService.exe
  2. Open RouterWindowsService.exe with an editor to edit the file.

    On the editor, you can view the name of the file as RouterWindowsService.exe.config as below:

  3. Edit the file by replacing "true" with "false" in these settings below:
             <add key="TD_WaitResponse" value="false"/>     
             <add key="TI_WaitResponse" value="false"/>
             <add key="TJ_WaitResponse" value="false"/>
  4. Click the Save button to save your changes.

By default, those settings are always set to "true".

When set to "false", the router service does not wait for response from the router controller. So, there is no delay of switching non-STRATUS compatible routers sources in the GV STRATUS application.

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