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Configuring Virtual COM port (Jupiter only)

In order to connect to Jupiter router via ethernet, a serial hub needs to be configured.

Before starting to configure the DIGI One SP RS422 Serial to Ethernet Device Server, write down the MAC address located at the bottom of the hardware.

This serial hub will act as a virtual COM port, which enables serial-to-ethernet connectivity as though Jupiter is communicating with GV STRATUS via the local COM port.

DIGI One SP Device Server Jupiter Router
Pin Name Pin Number Pin Number Pin Name
Rx + 2 3 Tx +
Tx + 3 7 Rx +
Rx - 6 8 Tx -
Tx - 9 2 Rx -
  1. A serial crossover cable (also known as null-modem cable) is needed to allow proper communications between Jupiter router and DIGI One SP Device Server. The appropriate pinouts can be referred from the table above.
  2. Connect one end of the crossover cable to the device server and the other end to RS422 serial cable to connect to Jupiter.

  3. Connect an ethernet cable from the device server to a network point on your LAN.
  4. Connect the power supply to the device server.

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